Consultant Pediatric



CHILD SPECIALIST (MD) Pediatrics (Ay) Kaumaryabhritya

PGPN Boston University (USA)

 Dr Niraj Gaur is a (MD) Pediatrics (Ay) Kaumaryabhritya PGPN Boston University (USA), Hospital Administrator and Chief of Academics at City Multispeciality Hospital Pvt.Ltd. He has an extensive administrative and acade mic experience. He envisioned the quality education in the field of paramedical sciences because of his extensive experience. As the academic advisor to CIPC he has been the guiding light and the torch bearer in the growth of the institute and its students. He is also a health and wellness motivational speaker and thus he always emphasizes and encourages the students to stay motivated and build their skill with the quality training provided at CIPC. He believes that paramedical and alled health sciences is a niche field and has a lot of scope in the health care sector and delivering quality training in this field is of utmost importance and need of the healthcare sector today.