Welcome to City multispeciality hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd

City multispeciality hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd is a multi-speciality hospital in Padrauna Kushinagar. It provides comprehensive medical services to patients from all . The hospital's Minimal Access cost Neonates & Pediatric,Genaral Medicine, General bysurgery , ENT, dental, Orthopaedic, Gynecology, Endocrinology ,Emergency department the first is department in Padrauna Kushinagar Our team comprises of expert medical professionals practicing evidence-based medicine with the highest level of values, integrity and ethics. We at City multispeciality hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd completely believe in putting patients at the centre of focus for all our activities. For us, a patient is the most important visitor on our premises. City multispeciality hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd is the place for you, offering world-class healthcare with state of the art infrastructure while keeping it affordable.

City multispeciality hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd. We are dedicated to provide world class tertiary healthcare to people in India by fusing the benefits of modern technology with the clinical acumen of the leading specialists in their respective fields. The technology advantage is complemented by the man power excellence providing sophisticated and specialised medical care at affordable cost.

We are a perfect blend of technological excellence, complete infrastructure, competent care and heartfelt hospitality - this is how the people, whom we have been fortunate to serve, define the hospital.

Our Mission

The Mission of City multispeciality hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd is to provide a compassionate, accessible and affordable healthcare to the community to cultivate an environment of trust, equality and honesty.

Our Vision

To create a benchmark in the field of healthcare and be a leading regional healthcare system that is dedicated in transforming the lives of people via excellent medical quality.

Our Values

Compassion: Providing patient- centered caring service to the members of the communities to enjoy a better, healthier life.

Respect: Acting in the most economical and honest responsible ways, we will treat each individual with a caring consideration.